Blog Post Auto Publish to Facebook, Twitter and Social networking other.

So that our blog posts can be read/visited by friends via social networks such as Facebook and twitter, maybe sometimes we copy and paste the link to the homepage Facebook and twitter. In fact, many applications automatically share blog posts to social networks, so we don’t need it anymore copy paste links to our blog posts, for example via rss Graffiti, twitterfeed,, or via Networkedblogs.

On this occasion Julak would like to post related to the title above, namely auto share blog post to facebook and twitter via I deliberately chose because it is usually direct auto share, shortly after we publish blog posts on blogger. I’ve tried Networkedblogs, but the share is a bit slow and requires us to install the widget to our blog, which will make loading the blog heavier.

OK, let’s follow the steps as follows.

1. First we go to

2. Then insert our email address and password then click sign up.
3. On step 1 enter the url / full name of our blog address.

3. Step 2 select share via facebook or twitter, select the social network account where you are logged in here I select twitter first. Then click continue.

4. A welcome message will appear, then click + add to add the purpose of sharing posts via twitter.

5. Done, don’t forget to log in to the registration email account to confirm See our blog posts will be automatically posted to our FB n twitter account. For the next setting it’s up to you, hehehe.

6. To add a facebook account or facebook page which will be set as blog post auto share. Before that, make sure your blogger is logged in to your Facebook account. Click add as shown below,

select the account that will be shared automatically, click new on logo Facebook.

wait a while, it appears pop up

wait a few moments, then click the arrow, select an account that has a facebook page or a personal account. > closing window after that appears “account authorized” click save.

that’s the result of automatic sharing of blog posts via facebook or twitter,,,hope it can help..!!!!!