Anambas Islands is a district in the Riau Islands Province,. The capital is Terempa. It is a division of the Riau Islands Regency (which is now Bintan Regency) along with 6 other regencies.

The Anambas Archipelago consists of 98.73 percent of which is an ocean area with 238 islands, with extraordinary tourism and fisheries potential! This place is very famous for its natural beauty under the sea with coral reefs that are still good. The Anambas Islands are located on Batam Island, which is very popular among snorkeling and diving lovers. As stated by Herman Ho, Pulau Bawah, which is the main island in the Anambas Archipelago, is an uninhabited island with a natural lagoon surrounded by clear blue waters and beautiful corals. Further inland, there are gigantic waterfalls and secluded recreation areas that are extraordinarily beautiful. In addition, there are also the wrecks of the “Seven Langit” and “Igara” ships that sank in these waters so that they become a magnet for divers as well as a palace for various marine life.

Penjalin Island in the Anambas Islands, Riau Islands Province (Photo by BARRY KUSUMA,

The world-famous tourist area in the Anambas Islands is in the form of a lagoon or seawater lake that is separated from the open ocean because of the landscape that forms it. On Pulau Bawah, the lagoon is formed by a group of islands in the middle of the open ocean. When the sea water is receding, the island cluster will be connected by a sand ridge forming a barrier between the sea water inside and outside the island group. The sea water in this area is very clear where from above the water surface can be seen clearly to the bottom of the lagoon, including reef fish. The base of this lagoon is white sand with coral reefs scattered at a number of points.

Anambas Islands, Riau Islands Province (Photo by BARRY KUSUMA,

Currently, Pulau Bawah Lagoon has been visited by tourists, although the number is still not large. They are generally foreign tourists who use yachts or small sailing ships. The local government places the Anambas Islands as the district’s development orientation and the Pulau Bawah Lagoon is prepared to be a pioneer that will raise the marine tourism potential of the area.

Anambas Islands, Riau Islands Province (

The islands in Anambas have sparkling white sand beaches and are even more beautiful with clear sea water filled with coral reefs. There is also a beach with rows of coconut tree vegetation along 8 kilometers. In addition, a number of islands here, such as Keramut Island and Mangkai Island, are habitats for turtles.

Penjalin Island

Penjalin Island in the Anambas Islands, Riau Islands Province (Photo by BARRY KUSUMA,

This island is somewhat unique because it looks from the outside of this island like any other ordinary island. What makes it unique when we walk down the middle of the island is a path to the middle to the bay. It’s like entering a valley and it turns out to be a wide expanse of beach in the middle of this island.

Penjalin Island in the Anambas Islands, Riau Islands Province (Photo by BARRY KUSUMA,

Local fishermen actually named Penjalin Island and the surrounding islands the “Cluster of Pulau Tujuh” because it consists of seven adjacent islands. Penjalin itself consists of two islands, namely the Big Penjalin Island and the small Penjalin Island. Both are equally charming but have their own characteristics and uniqueness.

Penjalin Island in the Anambas Islands, Riau Islands Province (Photo by BARRY KUSUMA,

This bay, by anyone who has ever stepped on it, is considered the most exotic point. The water is clear like crystal where when the weather is bright, the expanse of water gives off dark blue and bright green colors. At the bottom, there is no visible dirt at all except for a stretch of sand and a stretch of coral reef.


Map of the Anambas Islands, Riau Islands Province

In this bay too, visitors usually feel at home for long to sunbathe, swim to play on the surface of the sand. Or just take a stroll down the bay to the rocky end. Some visitors often spend time sitting relaxed, allowing their bodies to be blown by the sea breeze while enjoying the beautiful scenery in front of them. From this bay, Penjalin Kecil Island which is located on the south side looks beautiful, surrounded by blue sea and backed by piles of stones scattered along the coast.

In addition to swimming, snorkeling, diving and fishing, another activity that visitors often do on this tiny island is trekking to the top of the hill. The track is quite challenging and when you reach the peak, you can freely look at the beautiful blue sea and the surrounding islands.


Sea routes: there are two ships that serve the route to the Anambas Islands, namely the Pelni Ship which has a scheduled departure every two weeks and the Pioneer Ship which has two routes so that the departure time is not fixed. If you use the sea route, it usually takes 18-20 hours of travel.

Airline: You can start your departure from Tanjung Pinang or Batam to Natuna Airport. From Natuna Airport, you can go to Matak by land vehicle, then continue by boat to Tarempa in the Anambas Islands.

To get to Penjalin Island, from Tarempa City (Siantan), using a speed boat, the Penjalin Island group can be reached in approximately 1.5 hours. There is no regular transportation to get there, therefore renting a speed boat or pompong is the only way to get to this beautiful group of islands. The rate depends on your negotiations with the ship owner. There are many speed boats that can be rented with different loading capacities ranging from 5, 15 to 20 people.