Banjarnegara – Screams and shouts of takbir echoed during the seconds of the landslide disaster in Sijemblung, Karangkobar, Banjarnegara, Friday (12/12/2014). The dramatic atmosphere was captured on amateur video allegedly recorded by local residents who survived.

Amateur Video Circulating Moments of Landslide in Banjarnegara
Amateur Video Circulating Moments of Landslide in Banjarnegara

From the videos uploaded on the YouTube site, the video takers are located quite far away, across from the area that was swept away by the landslide. It is located at a slightly elevated location, such as on the upper side of the Banjarnegara-Karangkobar highway, which was partially buried.

The weather at that time did not seem to be raining heavily. The uploader only uses the account name Intan.

The 1 minute 50 second video was taken in a hurry and panic seen from the upside down position of the image. The image quality is also not very good but it can already describe the tragic atmosphere when the disaster occurred. However, it was clear that there was a landslide that hit the houses below. The ground moved suddenly.

Until Saturday (12/13/2014) 20 bodies were found from the hamlet buried by hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of soil. It is estimated that there are still 90 people who are missing, and it is feared that they are buried in the settlements of a buried hamlet.

The joint SAR team and volunteers as well as local residents are still working hard to find victims who have not been found. President Joko Widodo since this morning visited the location of the land route via Cilacap after flying from Halim using the CN 235 Indonesian Air Force aircraft.