Again, About Good and Bad Comments on Other Blogs. Avoid Spam & Junk Comments!

ALREADY Say Don’t Spam Comments, It Won’t Appear! CB I’m sorry, I’m tired of typing, comments, nothing appears! Waste of energy and time right…?

When “left” about 4-5 hours, this blog “a flood of comments”. There are 34 comments pending moderation. Here is the picture:

blog spam comments

Once opened, what happens? The majority of comments are spam! Of the 34, only about 10 comments passed to be published. The rest, automatically can’t appear and are “forced” to be deleted!

How do you want to appear and be published, people comment “spam” and “junk” like this:

  Spam Comments

So you want to know, who is “teaching” blogwalking and comments like that? You can also use a “spam engine” or “spam bot”. However, sorry mate, you are just wasting your time and energy.

Comments spam & junk (garbage) was accompanied by a blog address selling “this drug – that”. Obviously, it’s just a “mode” to leave links or get backlinks.

You know, dude, an online drug dealer.

Blog CB In this case, many visitors are not because of “diligent comments” on other blogs, but because of the quality content, at least according to Google, plus the NJW template which has no doubt about the seo!

So stop those spam and junk comments on any blog! Free, in vain! Read the good and correct Blog Comments Guide, which CB has posted many times, as follows:

  1. 7 Types of Blog Comments
  2. Types of Bad Comments to Avoid.
  3. Tips for good comments on other people’s blogs.
  4. Regarding Spam Comments and Junk on Blogs
  5. Don’t Ask for Returns in Comments.
  6. Really Comments Can Get Backlinks?
  7. Be careful with comments that compliment your blog!
  8. Invasion of Comments from the “Gituan” Blog.
  9. Request a Return Visit, Should I?

Well, there are a lot of CB posts about good and right comments vs bad comments and must be avoided?