In order to enliven Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week on September 26, Alleira Batik, which always presents modern batik and wants to make batik a world fashion, again showcased its newest collection in the form of a different men’s collection with the theme ‘Royal Refined’ at the function hall, Plaza Indonesia. .

As the uniqueness of the batik collection that was launched by Alleira, at this fashion show Alleira offered something very interesting. Divided into 4 sequences, the men’s collection that will be presented by Alleira Batik is inspired by the lifestyle of today’s men who want to always look modern and fashionable.

Batik, which has always been considered as Indonesia’s cultural heritage, was perfected by Alleira to become a work that can be used by anyone and for any occasion without leaving cultural characteristics and still referring to the development of world fashion.

The silhouette of the clean cut and fitted collection in the form of a shirt, blazer, vest, and pants is presented in elements of bold men’s colors, such as black, white, brown, red and purple and orange tinges, combined with bold lines of contemporary geometric motifs and distinctive motifs. Alleira who gives the impression of being relaxed but still authoritative. In addition, this collection is wrapped with high quality materials such as exclusive ATBM silk, super silk and cotton.

Source: Sooperboy