The fundamental theological concept of Islam is monotheism, namely the belief in the oneness of God. The Arabic term for God is Ilāh; most scholars believe the word Allah derives from an abbreviation of the words Al- (si) and ‘ilah’ (god, masculine form), meaning “God” (al-ilāh’), but others trace its origin to the Aramaic Alāhā. The word Allah is also the word used by Christians (Christians) and Arab Jews as a translation of ho theos from the New Testament and the Sept. The first of the Five Pillars of Islam, monotheism is stated in the creed (confession), namely testifying:

know Allah SWT

“There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”

The concept of monotheism is stated clearly and simply in the Qur’an in Surah Al-Ikhlas whose translation is:

“He is Allah (God), the One and only God, Allah is the Lord who depends on Him for everything, He has neither begotten nor begotten, and there is no one equal to Him.”

The name “Allah” has no plural form and is not associated with any particular gender. In Islam as stated in the Qur’an it is said:

“(He is) the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He made for you from your own kind pairs and from the types of livestock pairs (also), He made you breed in that way. There is nothing like Him , and He is the All-Hearing and Seeing.” Ash-Syu’ara 42:11

Allah is the Name of God (ilah) and the only God as His introduction to mankind through the Qur’an:

“Indeed I am Allah, there is no god (righteous) but Me, so worship Me and establish prayers in remembrance of Me” Al-Taha 4:171

Linguistic use of the word Allah indicates unity. Muslims believe that the God they worship is the same as the God of the Jews and Christians, in this case the God of Abraham. However, Islam rejects Christian teachings regarding the understanding of the Trinity where this is considered Polytheism.

Quoting the Qur’an, An-Nisa 4:171:

“O People of the Book, do not transgress in religion and do not say about Allah except the truth. Verily, the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, is the messenger of Allah and (who was created with His words) which he conveyed to Mary and (by blowing his voice) ) spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers. And do not say, “God is three”, stop saying that. That is better for you. Verily Allah is the One God. Glory be to Allah. from having children, everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him. Allah is sufficient as a Sustainer.”

In Islam, visualization or depiction of God cannot be justified, this is prohibited because it can lead to idolization and even humiliation, because God is not like anything (Ash-Syu’ara’ 42:11). Instead, Islam describes God in 99 names/titles/nicknames of God (Asmaul Husna) which describe His divine nature as found in the Qur’an.

May we always be on the straight path of Allah…