Well, the patchworker is the source of this very funny story. Happy reading.

My love career is often not as smooth as the skin of my forehead. Once upon a time, when the era was still enough, I fell in love with the child of a tire repairman at the end of the alley.

Let’s say her name is Aisha. I call That’s just because he is a pious child, good at the Koran, wears a headscarf every day, friendly, kind, loves his country, likes to organize. If it’s about saving diligently or not, I don’t know much. What is clear, Aisha is diligent in helping her parents work. Her parents are tire repairers, Aisha is the part that spreads nails on the road, hehe.

And I, if you have fallen in love, you don’t need a long-winded approach, just to the point on one occasion.

“Aish, this is serious, I love you. You want to be my girlfriend? You just want to…”

“What the hell? No, no. I don’t want to be your girlfriend…”

“Well that’s fine. If you don’t want to be my girlfriend, how about I just be your boyfriend?”

Aisha glared at me like she was looking at a madman. “Eh, we’re still in school, you can’t have your romantic girlfriends…

“Yes, the courtship is every red date…

“Come on Juki, let’s just be friends..

“Come on Aisha, I really need a boyfriend! Girlfriend! Don’t want to add friends anymore, my friends have a lot of relationships with you? Especially on Facebook, until the 4000’s..

“Zuk. You chose me wrong..

“Why are you blaming me?! It’s your own fault, Aisha. Why are you being such a beautiful girl like that…”

“Enough! Anyway, I don’t want to! Period! No commas!” Aisha said.

I was silent for a few moments. It feels like my heart has been broken into fifteen pieces.

“Please, give a reasonable reason why Kanu rejected me?” I said in a confused voice.

“Listen, Juki. I really can’t accept you. Because… Because you’re too good for me…

“Yeah… That’s all?!”

Aisha nodded slowly.

PLAKK!! I immediately slap Aisha’s cheek. He was startled, holding his cheek and looking at me with teary eyes.

“So bad…” Aisha said hoarsely.

“Muahehehe.. That means now you have no more reason to reject me. I’ve been mean to you right? We’re dating?”

“You.. MENTAL ILLNESS!” Aisha said curtly as she left and never came back.

This is a very funny story inspired by a tire repairman. His name is also a half-stressed blogger, whatever he sees can be used as writing material, even though the results of his writing are not worthy of broadcast. ^^