ACER Aspire E1-421

ACER Aspire E1-421

Drivers Acer Aspire E1-421 For Windows 8 32bit

ACER Aspire E1-421 Driver Download For Windows 8 32bit. In general, the design of the Acer Aspire E1-421 laptop is quite elegant with the majority of the plastic material. Glance Acer Aspire E1-421 laptop display is similar HP laptop output series CQ-40, but the corners of the laptop Acer Aspire E1-421 look firmer. The Acer Aspire E1-421 is much thinner than most 14-inch laptops.

The Acer Aspire E1-421 keyboard is quite comfortable to use while not carrying the chicklet model this is because the keys are large and comfortable push-push, however, somehow the touchpad is less comfortable to wear.

The performance generated by the laptop Acer Aspire E1-421 is of course not so special considering the AMD E1-1200 dual-core processors with 1.4 GHz speed this includes AMD Bobcat family or AMD Brazos 2.0 that in fact promotes the efficiency of power consumption compared to the performance. However, when compared to the Intel Atom processor 2xxx series, it seems the AMD E1-1200 is still superior.

One of the advantages AMD E1-1200 APU is integrated graphics are quite powerful, the AMD Radeon HD 7310. Acer Aspire E1-421 Tuxlin try to run the old games FarCry 2 quite well with the graphics settings are lowered. Acer Aspire E1-421 is equipped with 2GB DDR3 RAM memory, sufficient to run everyday applications.

Driver Name Support File Size Download
Audio Conexant 64bit 108.91 MB Download
CardReader 64bit 10.65 MB Download
Lan Atheros 64bit 5.58 MB Download
Touchpad 64bit 15.60 MB Download
TouchPad ELTCH 64bit 180.38 MB Download
SYnaptics TouchPad 64bit 128.50 MB Download
AMD VGA Graphics 64bit 213.54 MB Download
Wireless Lan Atheros 64bit 224.10 MB Download
Wireless Lan Broadcom 64bit 34.53 MB Download
Wireless LAN Realtek 64bit 18.58 MB Download