Acer (AO) Aspire One 522

Acer Aspire One 522

Acer (AO) Aspire One 522 Driver Download For Windows 7. Acer is one of my favorite laptop brands. Besides the price is relatively cheap compared to Toshiba for example, as well as the Acer is not stingy include various fittings to create a line up of laptops and netbooks comfortable to use. Not separated also the Acer Aspire One 522’s. In keeping with the trend of laptops and netbooks now, cheap netbook is also quite slim and thin.

Acer (AO) Aspire One 522 Driver Download For Windows 7. when viewed at a glance, indeed Acer AO 522 looks similar to other netbooks from Acer. Looks sweet, there is a feminine, but still looks solid with a good casing material. For its weight, this netbook is relatively light, which uses a 6 cell battery, only 1:30 kg. Lightly right? Certainly would not make tired shoulders to carry it everywhere. If size is 10:17 (W) x 7:28 (D) x 1:01 (H) mm (258.5 x 185 x 25.7 inches).

Acer (AO) Aspire One 522 Driver Download For Windows 7. Actually for the Aspire One 522, we can not separate the processor with its VGA, since this netbook use AMD C-50. AMD calls it APU aka Accelerated Processor Unit. Well, the C-50 processor is the first generation of AMD APU series or also called Fusion. After that there is a C-60, E-350, and E-450. Sure, she was the first generation, but just so you know, if the video business, from the first AMD is better than Intel.

Acer (AO) Aspire One 522 Driver Download For Windows 7. C-50 has 2 cores 1 GHz. Why only 1GHz? Although only 1 GHz, the C-50 has a working system as a modern processor. Do not be compared with the Atom, the N550 though. Lagged atoms. VGA is transplanted into the main processor in the C-50 is the Radeon HD 6250. Remember, AMD purchased ATI, so he can integrate it without fear of being labeled plagiarized. This is what allows the Acer Aspire One 522 is guaranteed to play full HD 1080p video smoothly.

Driver Name Support File Size Download
AMD HD Graphics 32 bit 157.15 MB Download
SYnaptics Touch Pad 32 bit 33 MB Download
TouchPad ELan 32 bit 37.89 MB Download
TouchPad 32 bit 9..45 MB Download
Liteon Modem 32 bit 2 MB Download
WirelessLaN Broadcom 32 bit 23.90 MB Download
WirelessLaN Atheros 32 bit 35.26 MB Download
Lan Atheros 32 bit 4.65 MB Download
AMD Chipset 32 bit 122.15 MB Download
CardReader 32 bit 1.13 MB Download
BluetoothBrodcom 32 bit 106.64 MB Download
Bluetooth Atheros 3.0 32 bit 63.58 MB Download
BluetoothAtheros 32 bit 106.64 MB Download
AudioConexant 32 bit 19.60 MB Download
Huawei 3G Modules 32 bit 3.83 MB Download