9 Basic SEO Tips for Blogspot Blog

MANY blogger “frustrated” because the visitors are few. 9 Basic SEO Tips for Blogs This blogspot can increase the number of blog readers and increase the enthusiasm of blogging.

Applying SEO Tips is currently a MUST do, especially if our posts are in the same theme or topic with other bloggers’ posts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be a differentiator because it will place a post (blog) in the top position, at least on the first page, the search results page (SERP).

Here are 9 Basic SEO Tips for Beginner Bloggers. CB adapts from Shout Me Loud with some addition & subtraction (edit).
1. Optimize Post Permalink.
After writing, edit the “Permalink” menu on the right sidebar. Click “Permalink” > select “Custom Permalink”, especially if your post title is long and “complicated”.

  • Try the number of letters (characters) post title no more than 50 characters.
  • Remove “stop words” or unnecessary words in the permalink, such as “a”, “for”, “and”, “which”, “for”, “to”, “to”, etc.
  • Example: 10 Basic SEO Tips for Blogspot Blog changed into 10-Tips-SEO-Basics-Blog -Blogspot. (Don’t forget to use dashes/strips between words).

2. Set Keyword Density
Keyword density (keyword density) is an important aspect for better ranking. However, it must fit! If it’s too much, it will be considered spam and lower rankings. If less, less blog ranking in the SERP. The keyword density in blog posts is about 2%.

4. Use Labels (Categories) and Related Posts
Labels increase the keyword density of posts. Labels also have an impact on the list of related posts. Use 2-3 Labels in every blog post.

5. Blog Post Title Format
Use SEO Friendly Title Meta Tags. Replace the following code in your blog template.





6. Image Format (Image) for SEO
Optimize images, images, or photo illustrations by filling in the “title text” and “alt text” that match the image file name and keywords or post title. Do not leave images on your blog without a description (alt text). (Read: 5 Ways to Optimize Images for Blog SEO).

7. Provide Meta Tags
Meta Tags are HTML tags that search engines use to identify titles, descriptions, and other URL details. Then, use SEO Friendly Meta Tags.

Don’t forget to fill in the Meta Tags in the Blog Dashboard: Settings > Basic > Meta Tags > Description, then select “Yes” Enable search description.

When writing a post, also fill in the “Search Description” menu on the right sidebar.

8. Use “Nofollow” for External Links
Use the “Nofollow” attribute for external links.

9. Try entering keywords when answering comments.
Also use Google Plus social media to share blog posts automatically. Also create a Google Page as a “Publisher” for your blog posts.

Thus 9 Basic SEO Tips for Blogspot Blog. Don’t forget to also take advantage of Webmaster Tools to create a Sitemap & Google Analytics to monitor visitors.

Other blog SEO tricks can be seen at Blog SEO Tips.

While optimizing the seo blog, let’s enjoy Kitaro’s fun music 🙂