Blog Comment Type

IN a day, comments on this CB blog average between 10-15 comments. At least 5 comments per day. In fact, there are often up to 20 comments a day with various types of comments.

With so many comments, CB knows the Types of Blog Comments, from Sincere, Mode, Ask, to Spam and even “Scum”.

Not all CB comments publish, as not all CB comments answer/reply, either because they were “missed”, didn’t have time, there was no need for a reply, or also because CB didn’t know the answer 🙂 Most of them were missed because of the many comments that came in.

types of blog comments

Of all the blog comments that have come in so far, CB identified the following types of blog comments:

  1. Sincere Comment
  2. Original Comment
  3. Mode Comments
  4. Junk Comments
  5. Spam Comments
  6. Question Comments
  7. Quality Comments

#1. Sincere Comment
Some call it “The Truly Interested”. Comments that are genuinely interested in the post being commented on. Usually in the form of additional ideas, providing new perspectives, or asking questions that you really want to ask (not pretending to ask so that the comments are loaded and responded to).

#2. Mode Comments

Also called “The Self-Promoter”. This blogger has only one agenda: promote his blog! Komenrnya only “mode” for the promotion of the blog.

It usually contains asking (“begging”) for a return visit — for example, “the writing is cool… a return visit…”– and “pretending” to ask. Even though what was asked was already discussed in the post! [Oo… kamu ketauan :)] Read on: Don’t Ask For A Return Visit.

#3. Original Comment

Also called “The Generic”. The comments are original, such as “interesting article”, “nice post”, “great post”, “thank you for the information”, and the like. Comments like this can still be tolerated and published.

#4. Junk Comments
Known as “Junk Comments”. Useless comments and no quality at all. Same with spam comments.

#5. Comment Spam (The Spammer)
Comments that include live links (live link) or active link (active link). This type of comment becomes a common enemy (common enemy) bloggers.

Including spammy comments are comments that contain promotions of blogs or products. Here’s an example: “it’s good I like it, but is there a template for xxxxxx that is suitable for ” [alamat blog]” or “visit my blog [alamat blog]”.

#6. Question Comments
This is widely accepted by CB. Most CBs answer as best they can. Those who didn’t answer, I’m sorry, maybe I didn’t have time, missed it, or did CB not know the answer.

#7. Quality Comments
Also called “The Truly Interested”, same as #1 blog comment type. Sincere. His comments show he actually reads the writing and is interested. This is the best kind of comment, the same as sincere comments.

Read also: Tips for Commenting on Blogs

If our comments are of quality, then it will show the quality of our blog as well. As a result, comment readers will be interested in visiting our blog without having to be asked. The contents of the comments add, provide new ideas, or answer other commenters’ questions.

Other types of blog comments can be seen at: