6 Ways to Get Quality Blog Backlinks

METHOD building, obtaining, or getting High Quality Backlinks for a blog is not as easy as writing a “nice info” comment and then “sitting” by writing a blog address or leaving an active link (live link).

Many “newbie” bloggers think, by commenting on many blogs, they will get backlinks. Not so. The majority of links in the blog comments column are set to “nofollow” by default so they don’t become backlinks.

The presence of an anti spam comment code will also automatically delete comments that contain active links or blog addresses.

Install/copy the code .comment-content a {display: none;} above the code in the blog template, it will automatically spam and trash comments [junk comment] will be deleted.

Definition of Backlinks
Backlinks (Inbound Links) are links from other blogs that point to our blog or our blog address on another blog.

A backlink is an incoming hyperlink that connects the web page or content to another website. Backlinks are very important when it comes to page ranking as Google rates them highly.

The Importance of Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks are links to our blogs that are on popular sites and/or many visitors. 10 quality backlinks will beat 200 low quality backlinks.

Google will only consider backlinks from quality sites. Backlinks obtained illegally will even cause our blog to be banned.banned or be penalized.

Those of you who like to spam on other people’s blogs will be detected by Google. As a result, your site will also be penalized by Google, at least difficult to index and keep at the bottom of the search results page (SERP).

6 Ways to Get Quality Blog Backlinks

Here’s How to Get Quality Blog Backlinks version Help Blogger which has been proven effective. CB edit in such a way to make it easier for “newbie” bloggers to understand.

1. Make a Long and Interesting Post (Writing/Content)
Create Long, Interesting Posts. For example writing about tips & tricks, tutorials, using pictures, charts, and other graphics.

Long writing is between 1000 to 1200 words. However, all the words and sentences are really meaningful, not long origins, let alone repeating keywords (stuffing).

2. Active in Forums
Participate in Forums. For example in kaskus or netizen forums. Online forums usually provide a profile, just like social media, and we can enter a blog address.

Another forum is Yahoo Answers where you can answer other people’s questions and include a link to your blog — if the answer is on your blog of course.

3. Create eBooks
Write eBooks. Create e-books and share them on social media and forums. This will “build high quality backlinks”.

4. Have Free Products
Have Free Products. Sharing templates is one of them. Everyone likes free ones. If the free product is good, interesting, lawful, and useful, the user will automatically distribute it.

5. Use Videos
Create a YouTube account and upload unique and interesting videos. Videos about the “how to” (how to) will always attract visitors.

6. Interaction with Other Blogs
Interact with Other Blogs. Don’t be “alone”. Do “blogwalking” and interact with fellow bloggers.

Write quality comments, not original comments let alone “mode” comments, spam, and trash, and NEVER ASK FOR A BACK VISIT!

Avoid comments that include live links, active links, and spam. Never comment by writing the full address of the blog, unless asked by the blogger admin.

Comments that write the blog address usually will not be published by the blogger admin.

Those are some tips on How to Get Quality Blog Backlinks. Read also Effective Ways to Build Blog Backlinks. Good Luck!