6 Simple But Powerful Ways to Increase Blog Visitors – There have been lots of people who have written tips to increase blog traffic, how to increase blog visitors, increase the popularity of blogs and so on. Unfortunately, most of the methods they provide are still too complicated for beginner bloggers like me to practice. For example looking for quality backlinks, keyword research, meta descriptions, meta keywords, link building techniques, social bookmarking, guest posting.

These methods are not bad, but they are still difficult to apply for newbies. Let alone practice, I don’t know all the meanings of those terms until now. And too concerned about learning these techniques, in fact it ends up not writing articles to fill the blog.

You shouldn’t have to worry even if you don’t master the techniques. Because for beginner bloggers, or bloggers who have been blogging for a long time but the traffic is still low, or also for friends who just intend to start a blog, because there are simple but proven ways to increase blog visitors.

The methods are very simple and easy to practice by anyone, all it takes is a will. And although it is simple, as long as it is done diligently and earnestly, the results can be very satisfying. Visitors will continue to increase, so that later the blog ranking will be better.

Increase Blog Visitors

Okay. These simple methods include the following:

1. Maximizing Facebook Account

The average blogger must have a Facebook account. And it’s common, after publishing an article on a blog, then sharing it on a Facebook account as a new status, with the hope that the article can be quickly read by many people. But using a Facebook account just to share articles is not enough, the results are not optimal. No matter how often you share blog content, if your Facebook friends aren’t people who like to read and are thirsty for knowledge, they won’t be willing to open it. What is there, due to the frequency of sharing our articles, we even remove friends because they are considered just trash on the homepage. This is the fact.

So if you want a Facebook account that is really effective in boosting the popularity of the blog, and effectively brings in a lot of visitors, it’s better to temporarily leave the old account and then create a new Facebook account. Yes. Create a new facebook but don’t fake an account. Then manage the new account only for the benefit of the blog.

In the info menu on the new account, just fill in the address of the city where you live, a short bio and a web address, of course, fill in the URL of our blog. Other info such as relationship status, gender, religion, political views, father, mother, children and so on, leave it blank.

When someone stalks a Facebook account that is not yet friends, usually the first thing that will be seen is the info section. Now, if the info section only provides a short bio and web address, it’s likely that people will click on the blog’s URL.

After that, add as many people as possible who have the potential to open our blog when we share articles. Anyway, just add it, don’t worry about whether they want to confirm or not. Those who have the potential to open a blog are people who have a hobby of blogging.

To find friends who like blogging, just join the blogging community groups. We recommend looking for a group that has a high level of interaction between members. Because there are also many groups whose contents are spam. Then don’t just join, but also have to be active by frequently commenting on posts in the group.

In addition to fellow bloggers, those who have the potential to visit our blog are people who like topics that we often discuss on blogs. For example, our blog often writes fiction, just add people who really like fiction, look for them in writing community groups, novel lovers communities, publisher groups and others.

Then don’t like fanpages that are not important. Let our homepage only be filled with fellow bloggers and people who like something that we often present on the blog. And when they update the status, occasionally give a response in the form of comments. This is so that intimacy is more established, so that when we share articles they are also willing to read them.

2. Making the Most of Twitter

In Indonesia, Twitter is the second largest social media with the most users after Facebook. Most bloggers also have a twitter account, then use it to share articles.

But finding a lot of Twitter followers is not easy, so if we only have a few followers on Twitter, moreover they are rarely online, no matter how often we share articles on Twitter, it will not succeed in increasing blog traffic.

The way to make a twitter account really useful to increase blog visitors is to join blog communities on twitter. So every time we finish publishing an article, we can share the article URL with their mentions. Later these communities will retweet our post URL to their followers.

So that Twitter supports the popularity of the blog, don’t forget to include the URL of the blog in the web address column that has been provided. Also change the name of the account to the name of the blog, for example the account name Cici Pyramid, with the username @cici Cantik, continue to have a blog with the address notescici.com. Change the name of the Cici Pyramid account with notescici.com

3. Blog Walking

The next simple way is to blog walking. Blogwalking means traveling or visiting other blogs and then commenting on their posts. A new blog, especially one that is still managed by a beginner, really needs to carry out blogwalking activities. Because this is a surefire way to increase visitors and introduce our blog everywhere.

Do blogwalking as much as possible and as often as possible, both to blogs that are already large and to small blogs. Commenting on a large blog that has a lot of visitors, maybe the owner doesn’t have time to make a return visit, but our comments have the potential to be seen by many people. So that visitors who see our comments, may then also visit our blog.

While leaving comments on blogs that are still quiet, chances are that the blog admin will reply to our friendship.

4. Promote Direct

Every day we must interact with people. Now on the sidelines of the chat, there is nothing wrong and there is no need to be shy to promote our blog.

“Eh, now I have a website, notescici.com. Don’t forget to play there…”

“What’s in it?”

“A variety of things. Anyway, nano-nano tastes great. Just check it out. Don’t forget the address, notescici.com.”

This direct promotion method may sound less convincing. But if you do it often, believe me the results will be effective in increasing blog visitors.

5. Written Promotion

Direct promotions may only be aimed at people who already know. Meanwhile, for people who do not know or the general public, we can do it with a written promo. Write the blog address in places that can be seen by many people. But that doesn’t mean you have to scribble on the walls of public facilities with blog addresses or stick flyers on trees or electricity poles, our blog is more interesting than advertisements for sucking toilets, let alone posters for candidates. But if you want to do it, that’s okay.

Nor is it written on giant billboards and displayed on the streets, it means that it is not simple. Do it in a simple way. For example, by making a sticker ‘Notecici.com, the blog is a beautiful person’ and then sticking it on the rear fender of a motorcycle. Don’t just put it on your own motorbike, if you’re allowed to attach it to your father’s, mother’s, sister’s, brother’s and friends’ motorbikes. Also install on the rear windshield for those who have a car. Later, when the motorbike or car hangs out in the parking lot, or stops at a red light, among the people who see the writing, there must be some who are curious to visit.

I’ve experienced this myself. So one day when I was stuck in traffic, then I saw in the rear window of the car in front of me a blog address was displayed, I opened it on a whim and finally while waiting for the traffic jam to end, I read the articles on the blog.

6. Use Responsive Templete

Not all internet people can access our blog using a computer or laptop, maybe even more who only have cellphones. If you want our blog to be more crowded, it is highly recommended to use a responsive template. By using a responsive template, the appearance of the blog will adjust to the gadget screen used by blog readers. The appearance will not be much different whether it is opened via a computer, laptop, cellphone, smartphone, or so on. So it will look more beautiful and the loading can be lighter. Lots of cool responsive templates and can be downloaded for free. The installation method is also easy.

Also reduce the installation of unnecessary widgets. Because besides being able to make the blog look dirty, installing a lot of widgets is also able to reduce the speed of the blog. For example, if we seldom tweet, and every time we tweet, it’s just mentions, why are we installing the Twitter widget on our blog? It would just be an eyesore.

But it’s all up to the blog owner, whether he wants to make his visitors comfortable and willing to come back again because the blog looks clean and light, or make them run away because the loading is heavy and the blog looks chaotic due to too many widgets.
So just 6 simple ways that can increase blog visitors. Hope it is useful. ^^