Holidays can’t really be used as an excuse not to leave prayer for Muslims. A safe holiday will be realized when you always remember God Almighty. and perform the obligatory prayers 5 times on your journey. The feeling of calm and peace while praying is also a great contemplation and sense of relaxation. But unfortunately, the reasons for time, location, and others are your obstacles in carrying out this one worship.

If this happens during the holidays, then the following things you can start doing as an easy anticipation. With the method that we will present, you can perform prayers easily even when you are on vacation, both with a group or while on vacation alone. Check out the following review.

First, prayer equipment

Prayer mats, mukena, kopyah, and sarongs are some of the equipment that must be prepared when going on vacation. Sarongs will usually be replaced with pants by men. While prayer rugs and mukena, you can choose a thin material. For mukena, choose parasitic material that is easy to carry everywhere but not transparent. Avoid wearing this type of mukena in the field because it can be blown by the wind and expose your genitals, especially when prostrating. For men who do not wear a skullcap, pay attention to the conditions for the validity of prayer. Bring the hair on the forehead to the top, so that you can still perform the prayer properly.

Especially for dhikr equipment such as counters and other books, you can bring them in small sizes. Or if not, when you do dhikr, you can use your fingers.

Second, prayer time

Tips for praying when traveling or the next vacation is knowing prayer times. Perhaps, it is at this time that you can feel knowing the prayer times by looking at the sun. You can find out the time dhuhur for example. By setting up a pen on the ground or hands. When the height of the shadow is the same as the height of the original pen, then the time for dhuhur is up. Therefore, try to dhuhur early. Keep an eye on the direction of the sun while you are on vacation because you may not hear the call to prayer.

Third, Qibla direction

Prepare a compass to help you determine the Qibla direction. If you don’t have one, ask the locals. This way, you will be much more helpful.

Fourth, the place of prayer

Now, it’s time for you to find a place to pray. When you find a prayer room or mosque, maybe this stage is not too difficult. But when you are abroad, it may be very difficult to find a place to pray. Therefore, remember that the place of prayer is a sacred one. The important thing is that the place is holy from unclean. You can pray on a large rock while in the mountains, or on the floors of a public place.

Thus the information about tips for praying while traveling or on vacation that we can describe. Hope it is useful.

Source: Travelandhotel