List of 200 Dofollow Websites/Blogs for Backlink Hunter Bloggers

200 Dofollow Blogs for Backlink Hunter Comments

WRONG One SEO tip to increase traffic/number of blog visitors is to get backlinks. However, backlinks through comments can only be obtained if (1) our comments are published and (2) the blog we are commenting on is a dofollow blog.

Dofollow blogs are still the target of bloggers to get backlinks, including dofollow backlinks from social networking sites.

To get dofollow backlinks from social media, of course we have to create an account and enter the blog address into the profile. We can also get dofollow backlinks from Pinterest.

To get backlinks from other people’s blogs, at least “effect links”, we must write quality comments.

It must be remembered, many blogger comments are not qualified and do not pay attention to “comment etiquette”.

Things to keep in mind when commenting include:

  1. Write valuable, quality, and relevant comments to the post being commented on.
  2. Don’t post short comments like thanks bro, nice info, thanks, good, nice work etc.
  3. Do not comment just to promote the blog.
  4. Don’t use fake profiles. Do not use fake profiles for commenting!

Good Luck!