blog vs facebook

AT LEAST there are 10 reasons blog better than Facebook for Online business or selling on the internet.

This does not mean having to leave Facebook, it must complement each other but with the main focus on blogging.

These 10 reasons blogs are better than Facebook for Online Business are on the page Word View Editing presented in the following infographic form:

10 Reasons Business Blogging is Better Than Facebook

#1 Control
Mentioned, the main reason (#1 Reason) blogs are better than Facebook is control (control) is entirely in our hands, because we become blog admins, not controlled by Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook).

On the blog we are free to choose the view (template design) like a website in general, including choosing a brand name (brand) and a domain name (URL). As long as obey Blogger Content Policy, our blog is safe and online business is not disturbed.

#2 Wider Audience
Facebook only reaches friends or friends of friends and those who like our online business fan page. On the blog we have RSS facilities, email, visitors who find our blog in search engines, and ALL social media.

Posting our products or promotions on our blogs can be distributed to all types of social media, including Facebook, and on our blogs we are more flexible and neater in arranging product displays (storefronts) and details.

#3 More Clicks
Links on blogs will get more clicks than on Facebook. Links on Facebook are mostly ignored.

#4 More Value Added
Your online business blog can provide tips, advice, or tricks to do something, in addition to posting products/services. On Facebook fans, you can also provide tips, etc., but on the blog it will be more flexible, neatly organized, and can be found by blog visitors via search engines.

The existence of a Label (Post Category) that is not owned by Facebook is the main differentiator between blogs and FB.

#5 Blog as a Hub
That is, the blog becomes the “center” of storage, storefront, product details, a place for transactions. Facebook and other social media as promotion and distribution media.

#6 News Feed
Facebook determines who can see your posts or status updates. However, blogs can be found and read by ANYONE. Readers or visitors will come through the search page Google (SERP).

#7 Long Lasting
Status updates or posts on Facebook are valid for a few seconds, minutes, or a maximum of a few days.

Posts on blogs will be easy to find in search engines and last for a long period of time, months or even years. There is an archive, table of contents, and categories/labels that make it easy for readers and search engines to find your online business.

#8 SEO
On Facebook we cannot play SEO which will help our posts to be easily indexed and found by readers. On the blog, very much SEO tricks and tips to popularize our posts and/or blogs on search results pages.

Well, that’s 10 Reasons Blogger is Better than Facebook for Online Business. No. 9 and 10, just look at the infographic. In essence, in conclusion, running an online business through a blog is better and more promising than just relying on Facebook.

Good Luck and Happy Blogging and… we wish our online business success! Amen…! (*