COMPLETE post about Creating an Online Store Using Blogspot, here is CB share 10 Best Online Store Blog Templates that are very worthy of consideration by onlinepreneurs (online entrepreneurs).

All Blogspot version of e-Commerce templates, which list-CB copy and paste from blog Late Tutorial this, free download alias free! You just install it on your blog and happy doing business online! (Read: How to Install Blog Templates).

1. Johny Palelu Peang – Online Store Blog Template

2. Johny Blackstore Template – Online Store Blog Template

3. Catalogspot K2 E-Commerce – Online Store Blog Template

4. Shopping Cart – Online Store Blog Template

5. Johny Joss – Online Store Blog Template

6. Johny Magstore – Online Store Blog Template

7. Blogger Store – Online Store Blog Template

8. Ecommerce Demo2 – Online Store Blog Template

9. Baby Shop – Online Store Blog Template

10. Simplex eShop – Online Store Blog Template

Some Tips for Online Store Success

CB’s advice, in addition to displaying goods/services, complete your blog with “product reviews” and tips related to the products you offer.

For example, an HP online store, then complete it with posts about tips about cellphones, credit, and so on. That’s so that your blog is visited by many people who are potential customers.

To be more “credible”, you should use your own domain name (custom domain). (Read: Blogging with Your Own Domain Name). Domain providers, such as and, provides practical and detailed guidance for setting up a custom domain. Just contact the technical support team after you buy a domain there.

Avoid using the name “shop” or “olshop” in the domain name because most users are already “allergic” to these names.

It’s better, according to CB, to use the name of the product/service directly, for example “cool laptop”, “cool watch”, “latest cellphone”, “healthy catering”, etc.

Also create an OpenID blog for you to use in your “blog walking”. Using OpenID Blog for comments is better than you “sipam” or include links (especially live links) on the blogs you visit. Good Luck! (*