Sas a means for you to make money on the internet you can earn money by joining tusfiles. tusfiles is a provider of free file storage services. someone downloads our file, and the commission fee varies depending on the country that downloads the following details of the commission given by tusfiles

for 1000 downloads file size 1kb-50 Mb
country A=1$ country B=0.75$ country C=0.5$ country D=0.25$
for 1000 downloads file size 50Mb-250 Mb
country A=$2 country B=$1 country C=$0.75 country D=$0.5
for 1000 downloads file size 250-350Mb
country A=$5 country B=$2 country C=$1 country D=$0.75
for 1000 downloads file size 350-800Mb
country A=$10 country B=$5 country C=$3 country D=$2
for 100 downloads file size above 800 Mb
country A=$25 country B=$15 country C=$10 country D=$5

if you want to register for tusfiles, you better register through your friends’ referrals who are already premium because by joining premium referrals you will get 6X the commission
for example, for every download file that is downloaded by country A for a size of 1kb to 50 mb = $ 0.01 but if you are already a premium member or you register via a premium member referral, the commission will be doubled 6x, i.e. you will get a commission = $ 0.06 per download file .
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why tusfiles??

because tusfile in addition to cheap file hosting is also suitable for those of you who store large amounts of data because you can store any files ranging from videos, songs, documents, etc.

how to register tusfiles
-go to the website
-choose menu list or sing up
-fill in your complete data
-then register
-You are ready to become a member and ready to earn money from every download of your file

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